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001e - Steel Poles as Distribution System Structures

Steel poles are becoming an increasingly important component of a distribution system, offering benefits over wooden poles to both utility companies who deploy them and to lineworkers that install and maintain them. Steel poles are used by more than 600 utility companies with distribution or low-voltage transmission applications.

 Describe how steel poles are used in the electric distribution system of many utilities today.
 Describe the physical characteristics of a steel distribution pole and how they are different from a similar-sized wooden pole.

In this training manual, we will highlight the differences between steel and wood distribution poles and discuss the benefits of using steel poles. We’ll discuss some of the special considerations when transporting and handling steel poles. Then, we’ll review the process of setting, framing and grounding a steel pole, both in energized and de-energized conditions. Finally, we’ll go over some additional considerations such as basic insulation values and the types of joints used to combine sections of poles together in special situations.

  • Introduction
  • 1.1 Characteristics of Steel Poles
  • 1.2 Steel Poles Compared to Wooden Poles
  • 1.3 Steel Poles as Distribution System Structures Video
  • 1.4 Steel Poles as Distribution System Structures Unit Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed